Friday, February 27, 2009

Practice makes broken...

So far I have only used my camera flash when it was too dark to see my subject...which almost never happens.   Over the last couple of weeks I challenged myself to start using my flash as a means to enhance a subject.  

I started practicing by taking some portraits of my wife (she is a great sport) using my SB-600 and SB-R200 speedlights.  While the pics turned out okay it was clear I needed more practice to get the right light levels and positioning.    I turned my attention to more inanimate objects like the four martini glasses in the shot below...

I was crusing right along taking my pictures when I inadvertently tipped over the small tripod on to the martini glasses.....CRASH!  

The good news was only one of the four glasses broke.  One might think my next action was to grab a broom to clean up the glass...well not next move was to take more pictures!

So practice might make perfect eventually, but for now it means practice makes broken.

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