Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twitter the non-community for this photographer!

I have a tiny band of 76 followers and the ability to ask a specific question to hundreds if not thousands of other protogs using hash tags, one might think a response to my simple question would be forthcoming....tap, tap, tap...still waitIng. Not once but several times.

When Twitter is referred to as a "community" it makes me think of the scene from the Princess Bride when Vizzini continues to use the
word "inconceivable" and Indigo replies "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

So maybe I am new to the neighborhood, or maybe I posed my question slightly off, seems to me that at least one set of eyes would read, take a minute and respond, even if selfishly it's a means to snag one more follower.

Two reasons for this post, the first is the beauty of freedom of speech on the internet allows me to rant and second is to (in my little way), perhaps cause our photography "community" to stop, read (listen) and respond to those that want to be part of the community.

By-the-way, the #wine community is far better at responding and supporting...I may have to trade in my camera for a few cases of great wine!

So, leave a comment (bet you won't)!

My planned next rant is January 15th, when I take on those that continually post links to Flash sites when they know I use an iPad!


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Monday, December 27, 2010

Play, wine and light = photographs

Fooling around with my camera the other night while half watching TV. The room was relatively dark, just some candles on and one table lamp.

I noticed the reflection of the television on the wine (if you're wondering the wine was 2007 Seavey Napa Cab, yummy) so, what's a photographer to do...

67 photos later and some basic post processing - some contrast, noise reduction, and exposure tweaks...turned out the following set of pics.

The colors are courtesy of what was on the television...

So, love of photography or just happenstance? Please comment.

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All photos copyright of Bob Ochoa Photography, 2010

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