Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring in the desert 2

Here are some of the many pictures I just took out in our yard the last several days....unbelievable color, texture and light. I am not sure I can add any real words that will add value to these pictures. Hope you enjoy.

A couple of sports pics...and a minor rant.

Sorry for the lapse in putting up some of my current photos. I will make up for it by giving you two posts.

The first post is a bit of a rant about the restrictions on taking a pro camera into a professional sporting event. I have added some of my photos from the NCAA final eight tournament in Phoenix Arizona - 2009.

First a bit of context...there are apparently concerns by sporting events that taking pictures with a "professional" cameras is a problem that must be stopped at all cost. If one has a camera with interchangeable lenses...that is bad. However, if one has a camera termed as "point and shoot (P&S)" or camera phone that is okay. I have not yet received a good explanation by the stadium folks other than pro cameras are not allowed.

Their reason may be that the pictures will be used illegally for profit by unlicensed individuals, then maybe I would understand and I would then say that all camera's should not be allowed. If the reason is size and interfering with the audience then I would say that most of the P&S cameras have one more annoying function over and above a professional camera and that is the dependancy on flash. A good pro camera can operate in stadium light without a flash where a P&S almost always requires a flash to make a reasonable picture.
I understand there are individuals that have and will use photos for ill-gain and they make it hard for the rest of us that just love the thrill of taking a great shot. I for one will be very happy when (if) this rule is no longer in place.