Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cactus flower and friends


Here are some recent pictures of a hummingbird, a huge cactus flower, and some other plants...

We have a table center piece that has these dried plants and the way the light comes into the room adds a real cool look and feel. It is hard for me to resist taking the picture!

Ligtht, texture, and color made me take this picture.

Hummingbirds...what a wonderful bird to watch...taking their pictures is not very easy to do. However, provide some sugar water and or a bright red bottle brush plant...and the task becomes a lot easier.

Our cacti this year have grown so much, so fast! Especially exciting is this one flower that just started growing about a week ago.
This picture is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Right behind this version is the one below in black and white with high structure. I love it!

I have been listening to many podcasts lately and the suggestion is for a photographer to really focus on one style of photography. With this blog, maybe my style is all about nature....but I am not convinced yet. So for to take pictures of many things. Look for an update soon.

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