Tuesday, March 10, 2015

San Miguel de Allende - going back again...

There are so many places to travel to in this world.  And now that my wife and I will be fully retired as of May of this year,  the constraint of work and vacation days will no longer be a constraint as to where we are able to go.  Discretionary dollars will still be the biggest constraint but at least now we can travel without having to fly out and back on a Saturday or a Sunday just to maximize the trip.  

While there are so many new places to travel too, we have decided to once again go down to San Miguel de Allende with friends and this time for two full weeks!  We are looking forward to seeing many of the places we loved last year but also taking some day trips to the surrounding cities.  As a photographer, San Miguel is extremely photogenic.  Here are some pics from our trip last year:


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