Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday night in Tubac

Dinner on the patio, a glass of wine and sunset in Tubac! Oh, did I mention the bats flying around and the sliver of a moon in the sky? The silhouette of my favorite cottonwood tree about 200 yards and to the left and the music just adding the perfect amount of ambiance?

What does this have to do with photography...maybe just the fact that our eyes, souls, and hearts will always make a better picture than any technology ever created.

The goodness is the desire and passion of photographers (amateurs and pros) to keep trying to capture the essence of our experiences digitally or with film. In this case, getting close makes for some damn good pics!

I wish I had thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter so I could ask them all to post the photo that best grabs their soul. I am sure we would see some incredible shots that would touch us all deeply!

For now, I will grapple in my mind the best way to capture the light of my soul in this digital world.

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Location:Tubac Arizona

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