Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunshine Blvd, Part II

Back in November 2009 I did a post on "Weird venue...". On a recent trip back from Tubac (we love Tubac), a few of us took took the Sunshine Blvd exit on I10 to take some more pics.

I also had an opportunity to do some more research about the area's history. Seems the name of this amusement park was going to be Family Fun World and was the dream of one Richard Songers.

Seems that with many dreams the realities of life often get in the 2001 Songers auctioned off much of what he knew of Family Fun World. The general public never to see the race track, the wild life, the concert stage, the carnival rides...or experience the fun just off of Sunshine Blvd.

All is left are some 20 ft tall pastel bird cages (purportedly from a ride at Magic Mountain in California in the 70's) and some large pink and blue truck tires and some dead palm trees. A lesson for us to dream our dreams with a healthy dose of the practical side of life.

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