Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weird venue...one person's dream.

About 1/2 way to Tubac off Interstate 10 stands about 3 or 4 baby blue watch towers and a whole lot of desert...such a curious site.

So curious that I had to find out what purpose they served.

Sunday, November 22, 2009 - approx. 12 pm.

Exit the 10 Fwy on Sunshine Blvd to Milligan rd. About 1 mile down a dusty road and there is an entrance to this deserted no-named entertainment - go kart - concert venue.

Turns out there were more like 20 watch towers that stand about 25 feet tall with doors but no ladders.

I had to find out what this used to be...so off to google I went...an hour or so later...no hits!

I finally had to call the Eloy city manager's office to find out.

Turns out that this was one person's dream to bring entertainment to the sleepy town of Eloy, AZ twenty plus years ago.

The park never opened.

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